Upgraded Supply Ship Prepared for Launch

Upgraded Supply Ship Prepared for LaunchUpgraded Supply Ship Prepared for Launch

Deputy Commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Mahmoud Mousavi confirmed on Sunday that the Kharg 431 supply ship is undergoing final touches for its launch in the next Iranian year (starting March 20).

Speaking to Fars News Agency, Admiral Mousavi said renovations on the largest supply ship in West Asia (33,000 tons) have been going on for almost two years now, during which many key parts have been replaced, including the steam turbines.

Admiral Mousavi added that many other parts, including the navigational systems, have also been fully replaced and upgraded to meet the standards of the Iranian Navy in 21st century.

Supply vessel Kharg was built in the 1970s from an original British Royal Navy design. In the 1990s, Iran decided to locally build as many of its own ships as possible, reducing its reliance on foreign suppliers.

The Kharg is powered by steam turbines rated at 26,870 shaft horsepower, each utilizing twin boilers with a single shaft.