Iran-Russia Ties Help Solve Global Problems

Iran-Russia Ties Help Solve Global ProblemsIran-Russia Ties Help Solve Global Problems

Ali Akbar Velayati, an international adviser to the Leader of Islamic Revolution, said enhanced Tehran-Moscow cooperation can play a significant role in resolving international issues.   

Velayati described relations between the two countries as "deep" and "historical".

"Every day, this factor becomes more and more important. Iran and Russia play an important role not only in helping determine the future of Middle East, but also in solving global issues as well," he said.

"Our countries have common interests that are becoming more and more important … and the speed with which changes are taking place in the world require us to meet more often, require our cooperation," he told Sputnik in Moscow late on Friday.

Velayati traveled to Moscow for talks with top Russian officials on the latest developments in the region and coordination of policies on Syria.

The Iranian official added that Iran and Russia need to deepen the current level of cooperation to be able to root out regional woes.

"A striking example is our cooperation in Syria—the fact that we are working to defend the Syrian people and government against terrorists and their sponsors. Such cooperation is unprecedented in modern history," he said.

Velayati touched on suspension of the latest round of Geneva peace talks between the Syrian government and opposition groups and said, "Iran considers, first and foremost, that the Syrian issue does not have a military solution, only a political one."

UN special envoy Staffan de Mistura announced on Wednesday the suspension of peace talks to end Syria's war until February 25.

The Syrian government delegation blamed the opposition for the pause in the talks, accusing it of pulling out because it was losing the fight on the ground. The Syrian Army has advanced against militants north of Aleppo, disrupting their supply lines from Turkey to the city.