Pro-Government Party Holds Congress

Pro-Government Party Holds CongressPro-Government Party Holds Congress

A major congress of the Executives of Construction Party was held in Tehran on Thursday.

With the participation of nearly 700 members from across the country, a document outlining their policies, as a complement to the articles of association of the party, was approved during the meeting, IRNA reported. The document says the political party has emerged from the aspirations of the Islamic Revolution and seeks to improve the country's management and to promote the principles of "good governance".

It also explains the party's view on political, economic, social, religious and legal affairs.

Speaking in the meeting, the party's spokesman, Hossein Marashi, said that for the upcoming Feb. 26 elections, the party will be part of the Reformist Front and it will not support any independent candidate.

The spokesman also said the party is dissatisfied with the widespread disqualification of reformist candidates for Majlis election by the Guardians Council.

"We hope to see some changes [in the decision to disqualify many reformists] and be able to include many friends in our list of candidates," he said.

The Guardians Council, a clerical body comprised of 12 members, is charged with vetting the applications and releasing the final list by February 16.

On Monday, secretary-general of the party, Gholamhossein Karbaschi, said the group intends to join the Reformist Policymaking Council's list of candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The Executives of Construction Party is a reformist-leaning political party in Iran, founded by 16 members of the Cabinet of former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani in 1996. The party is a member of the Council for Coordinating the Reforms Front.