US Politics Behind Anti-JCPOA Measures

US Politics Behind Anti-JCPOA Measures US Politics Behind Anti-JCPOA Measures

The legislation to restrict the ability of Democratic President Barack Obama to lift sanctions under the nuclear deal with Iran was passed by the US House of Representative as part of Republicans' campaign for the November 2016 presidential election aimed at undermining Democrats, a lawmaker said.

The bill was narrowly approved on Tuesday, nearly three weeks after a similar vote was canceled.

House members voted 246-181 to pass the "Iran Terror Finance Transparency Act," almost entirely along party lines, with almost every "yes" vote coming from Republicans and Democrats overwhelmingly opposed to it.

"Such moves … are conducted in line with a campaign strategy to pressure Democrats," Nozar Shafiei told ICANA on Friday.

Pointing to many such attempts so far to scupper the deal by US Republicans who dominate Congress, Shafiei said, "It is the US administration that the Islamic Republic holds responsible" for the implementation of the nuclear accord, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

The legislation is not expected to become law, even though Republicans control both the House and Senate.

Even if it were passed by the Senate, Obama has promised a veto, saying the measure would kill the landmark nuclear agreement, Reuters reported.

The House narrowly passed the legislation last month, but the vote was voided after nearly a third of the chamber showed up too late to cast their votes.