Pro-Gov't Party Eyes Alliance With Reformists

Pro-Gov't Party Eyes Alliance With ReformistsPro-Gov't Party Eyes Alliance With Reformists

The Executives of Construction Party intends to join the Reformist Policymaking Council's list of candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections, Gholamhossein Karbaschi, secretary-general of the pro-government group said on Monday.

"All political parties seek vibrant elections and the people will participate enthusiastically if they feel their participation would make a difference in the country's future," he was quoted as saying by IRNA.

Karbaschi pointed to the widespread disqualification of candidates by the Guardians Council and said it will impact the elections and may discourage citizens from participating.

"The Guardians Council should stay fair and unbiased. The body should refrain from acting in ways that raise speculations about favoring certain political groups over others," he said, proposing revisions to the laws related to the vetting body in future to remove any doubts about its performance and decisions.

The veteran politician, however, stated that he is hopeful, as the disqualifications have not been finalized yet.

"The Guardians Council may increase the number of qualified candidates and more qualifications mean a stronger participation by the people," he said.

Karbaschi pointed to the meeting of the General Assembly of the Executives of Construction Party, saying that the session will be held on February 4. He said the session was due to be held in October-November 2015 but was postponed due to a number of reasons, which he did not specify.

"The meeting is not dedicated to discussing the party's electoral policies. The major issue at stake is reviewing the party's criteria and priorities. However, due to its proximity to the elections, inevitably there will be discussions related to the elections," he said.

The Executives of Construction Party is a reformist-leaning political party in Iran, founded by 16 members of the Cabinet of former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani in 1996. The party is a member of the Council for Coordinating the Reforms Front whose member Es'haq Jahangiri is now serving as first vice president.