Joining Hands to Utilize JCPOA Potential

Joining Hands to Utilize JCPOA PotentialJoining Hands to Utilize JCPOA Potential

President Hassan Rouhani said the three branches of the government should join hands to prepare the ground for using the new opportunities arising from the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the formal name of the nuclear deal reached by Iran and the world powers.

Rouhani made the statement after a joint meeting with the heads of other branches of power, namely Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani and Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani, at the Presidential Office on Saturday where they exchanged views about major domestic and regional issues, IRNA reported.

"Promoting development is possible only when there is a sense of solidarity among the three branches," he said. "They should join hands to benefit from the post-JCPOA atmosphere to the benefit of people."

The president said the achievements of his recent trip to Europe were also discussed in the session.

In a meeting of the Cabinet late Sunday, Rouhani explained the results of last week's visit to Italy and France at the head of a 120-strong delegation of business leaders and ministers.

"Attracting foreign investments, transferring technologies and boosting the export of jointly-produced goods [with the two countries] were among the trip's objectives," he said.

"These are requisites for promoting economic growth and creating new job opportunities, based on Resistance Economy."

Resistance Economy is a set of guidelines to decrease the country’s reliance on oil exports by boosting domestic production.

The Iranian president began his four-day European tour on January 25, where he signed multibillion-dollar deals with companies ranging from Italian oil and gas contractor Saipem and automaker Fiat to France’s aircraft manufacturer Airbus and oil company Total.

The visit marked the first made to Europe following the implementation of the nuclear deal on January 16 and the removal of sanctions imposed on Iran over its nuclear program.