Naval Drill Concludes

Naval Drill ConcludesNaval Drill Concludes

Naval forces staged a maritime parade in the Sea of Oman, marking the end of large-scale naval drills in the country’s southern waters where they successfully destroyed hypothetical enemy targets. Different units of the navy staged the naval parade on Sunday at the end of military maneuvers, code-named Velayat 94, over a large swathe of territorial waters and high seas in the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz and the Indian Ocean, Press TV reported. Various destroyers and warships, including Alborz, Sabalan and Bushehr in addition to Nasr-class and Nour-class frigates as well as Younes and Ghadir-class submarines took part in the parade. The navy’s speedboats such as Azarakhsh and Shahab as well as BH7 hovercraft took part in the procession in addition to naval helicopters. Iranian Air Force’s F-4, Falcon and F-27 squadrons flew over the navy’s vessels, submarines and speedboats in the Sea of Oman and displayed power. High-ranking military officials and foreign military advisors watched the naval parade aboard Iran’s domestically manufactured Jamaran destroyer, which was the flagship in the military exercises.