Missiles Test-Fired During Drill

Missiles Test-Fired During DrillMissiles Test-Fired During Drill

On the fourth day of the massive war games underway in southeastern Iran, the Iranian Navy on Saturday test-fired surface-to-surface cruise missiles and several advanced torpedoes. According to Tasnim News Agency, the navy showed the country’s might during the fourth day of the ongoing Velayat 94 drills by firing several torpedoes and missiles. Spokesman for the drill and deputy navy commander, Rear Admiral Mahmoud Mousavi, announced that the torpedoes were fired from Ghadir and Tareq-class submarines as well as the Jamaran destroyer. “The Nasr surface-to-surface cruise missile was also test-fired from a number of naval fleets and successfully destroyed the targets,” he said. “The chopper AB-212, already equipped with rocket launcher and machine gun, also hit the targets precisely during the ongoing drills.” The main stage of the massive war games kicked off on Wednesday morning in the country’s southeastern waters, stretching from east of the strategic Strait of Hormuz to the northern parts of the Indian Ocean.

The naval drills cover an area of around 3 million square kilometers, down to the 10-degrees latitude, north of the Indian Ocean.