Rouhani Receives New EU Ambassadors

Rouhani  Receives  New EU  AmbassadorsRouhani  Receives  New EU  Ambassadors

President Hassan Rouhani in separate meetings on Monday received the credentials of new ambassadors of Norway, Belgian and Italy.

In the meeting with the new Norwegian ambassador to Tehran, Aud Lise Norheim, he said Iran has taken positive steps in the negotiations with P5+1 (the five permanent UN Security Council members and Germany) on its nuclear program.

“If our negotiating partners show the necessary political resolve in this regard, reaching a comprehensive agreement within a month (by the November 24 deadline) is feasible,” IRNA quoted him as saying. The president said, “Iran’s nuclear activities have always been and will remain completely peaceful.”

Rouhani added, “We are operating within the framework of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and under supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).”

The Norwegian envoy referred to Iran as a country with a rich culture and civilization enjoying an appropriate position in the region and said, “Norway is resolved to increase its consultations with Iran; and Oslo deems it necessary to continue consultations to seek solutions to regional problems and secure stability.”

Norheim pointed to the imminent visit of the Norwegian foreign minister to Tehran and said, “Making such a trip after 12 years indicates our interest in promotion of Tehran-Oslo ties.”

  Sanctions Harm EU

In another meeting, the president met with the new Belgian ambassador to Tehran, Francois Delhaye.

Rouhani said the retention of sanctions against Iran will be to the detriment of all parties and particularly the EU, expressing hope that a nuclear deal would open the “gates of mutual cooperation” between Iran and EU member states.

The chief executive said, “If the two sides show serious political resolve in negotiations, it is possible to reach a final comprehensive agreement, a win-win result for both, within the remaining time.”

The Belgian envoy, for his part, described Tehran-Brussels relations as “valuable” and “longstanding” and said, “Iran is a great and strong country in the region and we seek expansion of ties.”

Delhaye expressed hope that Iran’s nuclear issue would be solved soon, saying, “Belgium believes that the NPT should be implemented for all countries without any discrimination.”

  Italy’s Positive Role

President Rouhani also met with the new Italian ambassador to Tehran, Mauro Conciatori.

He said, “Italy has already played a positive role to help the nuclear negotiations reach a conclusion and it still can play a part in the negotiations between Iran and the major powers due to its high status (in the EU),” IRNA reported. He added that Italy as a “significant” member of the European Union has always helped push forward the relations between Iran and Europe.

He touched on the insecurity prevailing in the region and some neighboring countries and said, “Terrorism and extremism have emerged as an international predicament which requires that all countries cooperate to eradicate the phenomena.”