Italy’s Renzi to Visit

Italy’s Renzi to Visit  Italy’s Renzi to Visit

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi welcomed an invitation by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to visit and said he will make a trip to Iran in the near future.

Renzi made the statement in a meeting with Rouhani in Rome on Monday, reported.

The Italian premier said a new chapter of cooperation has opened between the two states in a wide range of areas and Italy is well-informed of Iran's strong sense of collaboration as well as the key role it can play in the Middle East.

Stressing that Italy is not simply seeking economic interactions with Iran, he said, "Rome is willing to expand close relations with Tehran to ensure regional and global stability and development."

Referring to the two states' cultural, educational and scientific exchanges, the Italian official said, “Such communications should form the basis of our cooperation and we are committed to fulfill our scientific pledges."

Highlighting Iran's high economic capacities and skilled force, the Italian premier said, "Not only do we intend to expand bilateral relations, but plans have also been made to extend cooperation all over the region."

Renzi noted that Italy is determined to grasp the new economic opportunities to strengthen its ties with Iran and the restoration of Silk Road can mark the beginning of a new era in the two states' relations.

Describing Italy as an active business partner, President Hassan Rouhani said, "We hope Italy can start constructive economic cooperation with Iran as a pioneer ahead of other European states in the post-sanctions era."

According to Rouhani, Iran has always made an attempt to establish security in the region to stop the massacre of innocent civilians and prevent the destruction of civilizations.

He noted that the two states should do their best to restore peace not only to the region but also to the world and prepare the ground for the coexistence of humans.

"Settlement of regional crises can only be accomplished through negotiations," he said.

Describing terrorism as a huge scourge in the region, Rouhani said, “If no pragmatic approach is taken to eradicate terrorism, it can plague other regions. Interestingly, Tehran and Rome enjoy a similar stance regarding measures that should be taken to fight extremism and serious steps can be taken in this regard."

The president added, “With regard to Iran's unique geographical and strategic location, it can play the role of a joint export hub for the two states. In addition, private sector activities in the two countries should be further supported."

Rouhani noted that Iran's nuclear agreement indicated that diplomacy is the most effective policy to establish sustainable peace, reiterating that the historic nuclear deal clinched between Iran and P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) can set a good example to resolve regional and international disputes, especially in the Middle East and North Africa.

"Establishing peace all over the world is an ambition we hope to realize sooner or later, as it can guarantee mutual interests," he said.