Canada to Consider Lifting Iran Sanctions

Canada to Consider Lifting Iran SanctionsCanada to Consider Lifting Iran Sanctions

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the Cabinet may take a decision on the lifting of sanctions on Iran within the next two months. “This will be decided within the Cabinet; we will see,” Trudeau said answering a question on whether the decision is expected within a month or two, Sputnik reported. Brian Tobin, a former Liberal Cabinet minister, told Sputnik Canada was likely to follow in the footsteps of the United States and lift sanctions against the Islamic Republic. “I am certainly encouraged by the messages that I hear from all the parties,” Tobin said when asked about the prospects of lifting sanctions. Tobin added that Iran was moving to rejoin “the community of nations of the world” and the range of cooperation opportunities with the country was broad. On January 16, the US, United Nations and European Union announced the termination of anti-Iran sanctions after the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that Tehran has fulfilled its obligations under the July 14 nuclear agreement with major powers.