Iran Welcomes All-Out Ties With Britain

Iran Welcomes All-Out Ties With BritainIran Welcomes All-Out Ties With Britain

President Hassan Rouhani said Iran welcomes the presence of Europeans in the Iranian market for making investments and transferring technologies.

In a telephone conversation with British Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday, Rouhani said the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, as the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers is formally called, has prepared the ground for economic cooperation, IRNA reported.

In the wake of the lifting of sanctions on Iran on Jan. 16, Rouhani said enhancing economic cooperation would help strengthen the foundations of the deal that is to the benefit of the two countries, the Middle East and the world.

"All should help the successful implementation of the deal," he said. "The Islamic Republic of Iran would meet all of its commitments, if the other party does so."

The president also highlighted the necessity of expanding ties between Iran and Britain in various fields.

To compensate for lack of cooperation in the past years, Rouhani said the two countries should devote efforts for improvement of ties and promote economic, scientific, political and cultural relations.

Rouhani also called for close consultations between Tehran and London on regional issues and said all countries should contribute to efforts to root out terrorist groups and put an end to the "unacceptable" situation in the region.

Cameron praised the Implementation Day of the nuclear deal as "a very good day for international relations" and said both sides of the deal need to live up to their obligations under the pact, while the UK will certainly do so.

On bilateral ties, the British prime minister said the stage is set for developing ties and emphasized the need for Tehran and London to boost consultations on regional issues. Cameron further said his country is determined to share its financial and banking experiences with Iran.

"The UK is ready for financial and banking cooperation with Iran," he said. "Increased exchange of delegations would be beneficial for strengthening ties."

Cameron announced that more UK trade missions will visit Iran in the coming months, while the visa section of the British Embassy in Tehran will soon start its work.