Mogherini's Planned Visit to Explore Mutual Interest

Mogherini's Planned Visit to Explore Mutual InterestMogherini's Planned Visit to Explore Mutual Interest

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said Tuesday she planned to visit Iran soon to capitalize on the momentum generated by the lifting of nuclear sanctions against Tehran.

"The visit is a plan at a very advanced stage," said Mogherini, who helped negotiate the landmark deal whereby sanctions were lifted in return for Iran limiting its nuclear activities.

"We do not have a date yet… [But] we have started preparing sectors of engagement with Iran. We have started discussing this with Iran counterparts at my level," she said, suggesting the trip could occur within the next few months. "This opens the way for a major European Union investment in our bilateral relations that we will need to explore with the Iranian authorities to make sure this covers their interests, our interests and that we coordinate well among Europeans," she added, according to AFP.

Announcing Implementation Day for the accord on Saturday in Vienna, Mogherini said the agreement demonstrated how diplomacy could overcome even the most difficult problems and it even might serve as a model for other disputes in a region in turmoil.

Mogherini visited Iran in July shortly after Tehran and world powers —Britain, China, France, the United States, Russia plus Germany— reached agreement on its nuclear program in EU-mediated talks.