Gains of Nuclear Diplomacy Enumerated

Gains of Nuclear Diplomacy EnumeratedGains of Nuclear Diplomacy Enumerated

President Hassan Rouhani wrote a letter to the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Monday, listing various nuclear, political and economic achievements emanating from the nuclear deal that formally entered the implementation phase on Saturday.

The accord placed temporary curbs on Iran's nuclear work in exchange for the removal of sanctions, which will allow foreign businesses to exploit an untapped and lucrative market.

"The government is determined to follow your guidelines and closely track the other side's compliance with its commitments and foil any attempt by the enemies to infiltrate into the country," Rouhani said in the letter, carried by IRNA.

The Leader has on several occasions expressed reservations about the West's intentions to use the situation emerging after the lifting of sanctions to expand its influence in the country.

Rouhani listed the gains reaped from the accord, or formally the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action:

Iran's nuclear program and its right to peaceful uses of nuclear energy have been internationally recognized.

The import of about 200 tons of raw uranium materials, technically known as yellowcake, under a swap deal for 11 tons low-enriched uranium supplies gave the country's uranium stockpile an unprecedented boost.

Iran is now among the few exporters of such hard-to-access materials as heavy water and refined uranium.

The action plan has facilitated the country's cooperation with the world on building nuclear power plants and research reactors, producing nuclear fuel and conducting advanced research and development.

Previous resolutions by the UN Security Council have terminated.

Economic and financial sanctions by the UN, US and the European Union affecting various sectors of the country, including banking, oil, shipping and transport, have been scrapped.

Iran's assets frozen in foreign accounts are being released, which could be used to increase investment and create employment.

Finally, the JCPOA has dealt an effective setback to promoters of Islamophobia and Iranophobia.