Indonesian Commitment to Muslim Unity "Appreciable"

Indonesian Commitment to Muslim Unity "Appreciable"Indonesian Commitment to Muslim Unity "Appreciable"

President Hassan Rouhani hailed the efforts of Indonesian President Joko Widodo to promote solidarity among Muslims and advocate dialogue to solve problems.

In a meeting with Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi in Tehran on Wednesday, Rouhani said the situation in the Muslim world demands further consultations among Muslims.

"To advance and achieve greater development, Muslim countries have no way but to engage in closer cooperation," IRNA quoted Rouhani as saying.

The president said Iran has always sought brotherly relations among Muslims, especially in the Middle East.

"We are ready to help other countries to take the path to unity, sustainable security and development," he said.

Marsudi said Indonesia is willing to develop ties with Iran, stressing the need for increasing efforts in this regard.

The Indonesian minister said closer ties among Muslims would help strengthen peace and stability.

"To confront the most important challenges facing the world of Islam, Muslims should unite against terrorism and extremism," she said.

Marsudi also delivered a message of Widodo over the dispute between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

In an effort to mediate between Tehran and Riyadh, whose relations became strained in recent weeks, Widodo has written letters to the leaders of the two countries.