S-300 Lawsuit to Be Withdrawn

S-300 Lawsuit to Be WithdrawnS-300 Lawsuit to Be Withdrawn

Iran will withdraw its lawsuit against Russia for the non-delivery of S-300 air defense systems and has already made a prepayment for their deliveries, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Monday.

In 2007, Moscow and Tehran signed an $800-million deal for the delivery of five S-300 missile systems to Iran. In 2010, Russia suspended the contract, citing a UN Security Council resolution that placed an arms embargo on Tehran. Tehran filed a lawsuit against Moscow over the incident. In April, Moscow repealed the S-300 delivery ban, after Iran and major powers reached an initial nuclear agreement.

“The S-300 air defense system deliveries are defined by a contract, which was signed last year. The deliveries will begin once finances have been received. Funds have already been transferred to the appropriate Russian organizations and the contract is now currently being fulfilled,” Rogozin said, according to Sputnik.

“We are getting guarantees from Iran on recalling its suit in regard to the non-delivery.”