Majlis Seeks Revised Ties With Sponsors of Terrorism

Majlis Seeks Revised Ties With Sponsors of TerrorismMajlis Seeks Revised Ties With Sponsors of Terrorism

The Iranian Parliament has introduced a bill to confront governments and organizations that support terrorism.

In an open session of Majlis on Tuesday, a motion proposed by 53 lawmakers received 136 positive votes, 22 against and 9 abstention from a total of 216 present at the time of voting, IRNA reported.

Once the plan was approved, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has six months to compile and release a list of governments that provide terrorists with financial support and equipment or allow them to live and move freely in their country or cooperate with them in other ways.

The Iranian government should then cut or downgrade diplomatic ties with states sponsor of terrorism and put restrictions on responsible organizations or citizens. On Sunday, the Majlis Judicial and Legal Commission listed the examples of terrorist acts in a report on the bill's preparation.

The lawmakers designated acts such as the collection of funds for terrorists, along with a lengthy array of activities that constitute examples of terrorism.