Rivalries Should Not Affect Experts Assembly Vote

Rivalries Should Not Affect Experts Assembly VoteRivalries Should Not Affect Experts Assembly Vote

Political disputes, which usually arise during campaigns for Majlis elections, should not be repeated in the Assembly of Experts poll, the spokesman of Guardians Council said.

Speaking in a press conference on Saturday, Ebrahimian said the dignity of clerical scholars participating in the election should be upheld, Fars News Agency reported.

"People's religious beliefs are involved in the Experts' Assembly election, so professional principles should be observed by the media and participants," he said.

The Assembly of Experts is a high-ranking body that elects and oversees the performance of the Leader of Islamic Revolution.

According to Iranian Constitution, those who participate as candidates in the assembly election must be educated in Islam and capable of understanding religious jurisprudence.

The Guardians Council is tasked with supervising the election and vetting the hopefuls, whose result will be released on January 26.

A total of 801 people, 16 of whom are women, have registered for the election, showing a 62% rise compared with 493 for the previous elections.

The elections to pick representatives for the 5th Assembly of Experts will be held concurrent with Majlis elections on February 26.