Budapest Eyes Enhanced Ties

Budapest Eyes Enhanced Ties
Budapest Eyes Enhanced Ties

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary Janos Latorcai said on Friday Budapest is interested in promoting relations with Iran.

He made the remarks in a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Seyyed Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabifard in Tehran. He expressed content over the growing trend in bilateral cooperation and said, "Considering the good relations between the two countries, the administration and parliament in Hungary are keen to improve ties with Iran in various fields," the Mehr news agency reported.

He said he has traveled to Iran to help facilitate the activities of private companies in business and economic spheres and exchange of university academics and students and discuss other issues of mutual interest. Elsewhere, Latorcai touched on the futility of the airstrikes being conducted by the United States and its allies in their fight against Islamic State (IS) terrorists in Iraq and Syria and said it is necessary for all the countries who are concerned about the issue of terrorism to take unanimous positions and measures.

He also referred to the negotiations between Iran and the major powers on Tehran's nuclear program and said, "The total lifting of sanctions imposed against Iran and reaching a final comprehensive agreement with the P5+1 (the five permanent UN Security Council members and Germany) would open a new chapter in Iran-Hungary cooperation in various areas."  

Aboutorabifard, for his part, highlighted the great potential in the two countries to enhance bilateral relations and said, "The long-lasting cultural and economic relations between the two countries and their existing capacities in a variety of areas have prepared an appropriate ground to boost ties which should be used to the benefit of both nations."

He added that undoubtedly bilateral parliamentary consultations at different levels can play an effective role in improving interaction between governments and facilitating the relations between the private sectors of the two countries.

The deputy Majlis speaker referred to Iran-P5+1 nuclear talks and said, "Iran will continue talks while insisting on its rights to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes."

"Iran has never tied promotion of its relations with other countries to the results of the nuclear negotiations and is fully prepared to enhance relations will all countries on the basis of mutual respect," he added.

The lawmaker denounced the policies adopted by the US and its regional allies on terrorists and said, "Terrorist groups have gained power due to the military and financial support provided by the West to pursue its objectives in the region."

He described the US-led coalition and their airstrikes against terrorists as "fruitless".