Saudi Policies Rule Out Rapprochement

Saudi Policies Rule Out RapprochementSaudi Policies Rule Out Rapprochement

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaber Ansari said while the policies of Saudi government are aimed at creating tensions, improvement of Tehran-Riyadh relations would be impossible.

Speaking in a press conference on Monday, Ansari said the Saudis are fueling conflicts in the Middle East and jeopardizing security of many regional states, an example of which is the bloody war it imposed on Yemen.

"It seems that Saudi Arabia sees not only its interests but its existence, which is linked to continuing tensions and covering up internal problems through diversionary tactics," he said.

Ansari explained that suppressing demands for reform and freedom, and pursuing the brutal treatment of domestic opposition, the latest example of which is the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent Saudi cleric and critic of the Riyadh government, shows that Saudis see themselves drowned in many problems, isolated and insecure.

Sheikh Nimr and three other Shias were executed alongside 43 Al-Qaeda-linked convicts on Saturday in 12 cities across the Arab country, which provoked furious responses worldwide and further damaged Tehran-Riyadh ties that was already strained due to the Mina stampede, where at least 3,000 pilgrims of different nationalities, including 469 Iranians, died during a ritual in Mina, close to the holy city of Mecca.

Late on Saturday, a group of angry protesters stormed the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and set parts of the interior on fire before being cleared away by the police.

Sheikh Nimr was charged with inciting unrest to undermine the kingdom's security, making anti-government speeches and defending political prisoners.

"This is while takfiri terrorism, with direct support of Saudi Arabia, is threatening all regional states and the world," he said.

A takfiri accuses followers of other Islamic sects as being unbelievers.

Ansari said oppressing people and responding severely to popular demands are an unproductive policy detrimental to its adopters and result in inevitable failures, if continued.

The spokesman said Iran, following the path of logic and promoting the interests of the Muslim world, seeks to neutralize the effect of tension-creating policies of Saudis.

"Iran will not move toward provoking conflicts that is favored by Saudis and it sees no reason for creating problems in domestic and international arenas," he said.