US Republicans Want Panel to Monitor JCPOA

US Republicans Want Panel to Monitor JCPOA US Republicans Want Panel to Monitor JCPOA

A group of US House Republicans wants to create a committee to provide oversight of the July nuclear deal between Iran and major powers.

Rep. Todd Young has introduced legislation to create the Select Committee on Oversight of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action after lawmakers were unable to block the agreement earlier this year despite opposition from majorities in both chambers, the Hill reported.

"We cannot lose sight of the threat posed by a nuclear Iran, which is why we need an oversight body in the House that can mimic this role and sound the alarm when Iran cheats the deal," Young said in a statement.

Iran denies that the allegation that it may have been seeking to develop a nuclear weapons capability under the guise of a civilian program, saying its nuclear activities are meant only for peaceful applications.

The International Atomic Energy Agency, which is tasked with verifying Iran's compliance with the terms of the comprehensive nuclear accord, has confirmed that Tehran has met all its commitments under an initial nuclear agreement it had signed with major powers in November 2013, which will be in place until the JCPOA takes effect.

The House committee would be able to investigate compliance of the nuclear deal and give an annual report that would include any enrichment activities, uranium stockpile levels, oversight of the deal by the IAEA and sanctions compliance.

The move comes as the deal heads toward Implementation Day, when sanctions against Iran will be lifted. While US officials have suggested that Implementation Day likely will not occur until mid-2016, Iranian officials have suggested it could happen this month.

Young added that the committee, which would be able to subpoena administration officials, would help keep members informed and prepare lawmakers with potential next steps if Iran violates the agreement.