Majlis Motion to Seek Restitution from US

Majlis Motion to Seek Restitution from USMajlis Motion to Seek Restitution from US

A large group of lawmakers plan to present a motion to call on the administration to restore the rights of the Iranian nation and seek compensation from the US administration for Washington's crimes against Iran.

Speaking to Tasnim News Agency on Tuesday, Ebrahim Karkhanei, chairman of the Majlis Nuclear Committee, said the motion has been prepared by a group of parliamentarians and signed by 175 MPs till now.

"According to the motion, the administration would be obliged to take all legal measures necessary to restore the Iranian nation's rights and receive compensation from the US administration," he said.

Karkhanei emphasized that the motion will be submitted to the presiding board during the next open session of parliament, which will be held in two weeks. The cases for which the lawmakers seek compensation from Washington range from the US-backed coup d'état, which overthrew the democratically elected prime minister Mohammad Mosaddeq in 1953, to US support for the 1980-88 Iraq-imposed war on Iran, which led to the death of more than 200,000 Iranian people.

The lawmakers have also called for compensation for Iran's loss of property and assets blocked by the US government, contrary to international conventions and regulations.