Economic Diplomacy High on Foreign Ministry Agenda

Economic Diplomacy High on Foreign Ministry AgendaEconomic Diplomacy High on Foreign Ministry Agenda

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the ministry accords high importance to economic diplomacy, as it deems development a mission of foreign policy.

In a joint press conference with visiting Mongolian Foreign Minister Lundeg Purevsuren on Wednesday, Zarif said Iran's embassies are encouraged to help increase the export of non-oil goods and technical-engineering services of Iranian companies, Fars News Agency reported.

The minister said that in view of Iran's comparative advantages and its economic progress during the past years, there are considerable opportunities for cooperation with the global community, especially developing countries.

He said Iranian diplomats would help facilitate the cooperation of domestic companies with foreigners, although the Foreign Ministry does not pursue economic issues as its only objective.

"Our priorities are [improving relations with] neighbors and strengthening regional stability," he said.

On relations with Mongolia, the top diplomat said the two sides discussed ways of promoting ties in their meeting, which was held before the conference.

"Iran and Mongolia have had “very constructive negotiations” to expand relations in different fields, including science and culture, over the past years," Zarif said, adding that Tehran and Ulaanbaatar can cooperate in different fields, especially agriculture and energy as well as mining.  

Purevsuren said Mongolia is willing to boost economic ties with Iran, which would provide access to East Asian markets.

Pointing to major areas of cooperation, he said Mongolia's oil industry, which produces 1 million barrels of oil per day, could benefit from Iran's oil investments and also technical services of Iranian oil exploration and production companies.

Purevsuren said Mongolia has the potential to increase food exports to Iran, while it also seeks diversification of its agricultural-based economy, which helps prepare the ground for Iran's non-oil investments.