All Muslims Reject Terrorism

All Muslims Reject TerrorismAll Muslims Reject Terrorism

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said Muslims of all stripes reject terrorist ideologies, noting that Muslims are engaged in the fight on terror.

"No branch of Muslims approves of terrorist ideologies and they [Muslims] have always been campaigning against such acts and behaviors," Larijani said in a meeting with a member of the Scottish National Party, Alex Salmond, in Tehran on Tuesday, Press TV reported.

The western media have frequently sought to associate the acts of terrorism committed by militants of the self-styled Islamic State with Islam, but Muslims of all creeds worldwide have repeatedly denounced such acts of violence and distanced themselves from the terrorists.

Larijani added that Iran and Scotland should make use of their capabilities to enhance cooperation in culture, education and energy.

"Iran and Scotland can have close cooperation in cultural, educational and energy issues and such cooperation will be improved through the two countries' realization of each other's capacities," he said.

Salmond said his party has always been opposed to the West's decisions against Iran, saying such wrong policies have caused many problems both for Iran and other countries.

He noted that his country is keen to bolster cooperation with Iran and hopes that Tehran and Edinburgh would take positive steps in this regard.

Salmond also said a new US legislation to tighten visa-free travel to the United States was a wrong decision and hopes that it would be amended as soon as possible.

For over two decades, the Visa Waiver Program allowed people from 38 countries, including most Western European states, Australia, Japan and South Korea, to travel to the US without applying for a visa.

However, US President Barack Obama on Saturday signed into law the 1.1-trillion-dollar funding bill that includes a provision that aims to exclude from the program all dual nationals from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Sudan, and anyone else who has traveled to those countries in the past five years.

Such foreign nationals are now required to obtain a visa through standard measures, including face-to-face interview at a US consulate.