Solidarity Guarantees Nat'l Security

Solidarity Guarantees Nat'l SecuritySolidarity Guarantees Nat'l Security

President Hassan Rouhani said fostering unity, solidarity and cohesion is the best way to promote security.

He made the statement in a meeting with managers, advisers and staff members of the Intelligence Ministry on Tuesday, IRNA reported.

"Deepening domestic divisions is not in line with Iran's interests and would harm the country's stability," he said.

The president said it is up to every Iranian to help settle disputes and strengthen peace.

He also praised the efforts of Intelligence Ministry, which have enabled Iran to enjoy unique security in the Middle East and be a pioneer of the fight against terrorism.

Rouhani said while economic sanctions on Iran are to be removed and the path for growth is being paved, any action that slows the development of the country should be considered a betrayal of national interests.

On the upcoming elections of Majlis and Assembly of Experts, scheduled to be held concurrently on Feb. 26, the president looked forward to a popular, fair and open elections in which all those who want to be a candidate and possess the qualifications based on the law participate.

Rouhani said the ministry does not belong to any party, faction or group, and it should be strictly neutral in the vetting process of election candidates.

Guardians Council is responsible for the final approval or rejection of candidates, while the Intelligence Ministry only identifies reasons for their disqualification.