President Receives New Ambassadors

President Receives New Ambassadors  President Receives New Ambassadors

In separate meetings in Tehran on Monday, President Hassan Rouhani separately discussed bilateral relations with the new ambassadors of South Korea, Cambodia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Malta and received their credentials.

In the meeting with the South Korean envoy, Rouhani called for expansion of Tehran-Seoul cooperation by utilizing the existing capacities, according to

He said, "As there is no obstacle in the way of expansion of Iran-South Korea ties and cooperation, we should seize the opportunity created by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action [the official title of the July nuclear deal between Iran and major powers] and the post-sanctions era to increase cooperation."

Referring to the good economic cooperation between the two countries in the past, Rouhani said, "South Korean state and private companies are welcome to invest in Iranian oil, gas, petrochemical, mining and automobile manufacturing sectors."

Kim Sung-ho said the geographical distance has not created any barrier for mutual interactions and Iran and South Korea have been able to maintain close and beneficial relations over the past five decades. Referring to Iran's diplomatic gains and successes during the term of the Rouhani government, including the nuclear deal, Kim hoped that bilateral cooperation could be developed by building on these achievements.

He said the resumption of official exchanges and the meetings of their joint economic commission at the ministerial level can encourage the activities of private companies and increase trade relations.

In a meeting with Slovenian Ambassador Igor Jokovich, Rouhani referred to JCPOA and the lifting of western sanctions against Iran in the near future and said, "We need to take advantage of the new situation and use the potentials of the two countries to enhance relations in all fields of mutual interests."

"After the JCPOA and in view of the post-sanctions opportunities, conditions are favorable and the time is ripe for stepping up collaboration," Rouhani added.

Jokovich said as the ground is prepared for development of relations in various fields, the two states should seize the opportunity and exploit the capacities to boost mutual ties.