Mutual Ties, Regional Issues Discussed With Algeria

Mutual Ties, Regional Issues Discussed With AlgeriaMutual Ties, Regional Issues Discussed With Algeria

First Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri met Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and the heads of the upper and lower houses of the Algerian Parliament during his two-day trip to the capital city Algiers.

In a meeting with Bouteflika on Thursday evening, Jahangiri described political ties as "excellent".

In view of the removal of sanctions on Iran during the upcoming weeks, Jahangiri said the two countries should work to overcome obstacles to the private sectors and boost the level of commercial exchanges, IRNA reported.

The vice president said the self-styled Islamic State militant group has created serious difficulties for Muslims.

"The group is committing atrocities in the name of Islam," he said. "These [terrorist] groups have been formed [by enemies] to pressure Muslims." Jahangiri stressed the importance of pushing away radical thoughts promoted by extremist groups, saying "their ideologies should be eliminated first."

He noted that Iran and Algeria have the potential of playing a big part in solving the problems of Muslim world through cooperation.

Bouteflika said the two countries should engage in closer consultations, adding that Muslims need greater unity and solidarity among them to foil their enemies' plots. Pointing to unrests in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, he said "Iran is located in a region full of crises."

"The exchange of ideas between Iran and other regional countries would help solve regional problems."

Jahangiri also met Speaker of the Council of Nation (Upper House of Parliament) Abdelkader Bensalah on Wednesday.

Jahangiri said economic cooperation between the two countries does not fit the close political and cultural ties.

"There are many opportunities for expansion of relations and the two countries should increase oil and gas cooperation," Jahangiri said.

Bensalah said historical links between the two nations have provided a solid ground for expansion of cooperation.

Referring to parliamentary ties as "close" and "constant", Bensalah hoped that they would help promote commercial relations between the two nations. Jahangiri also met Speaker of People's National Assembly (Lower House of Parliament) Mohamed Larbi Ould Khelifa on Wednesday, where they discussed regional conflicts and other issues.