Emad a Conventional Missile

Emad a Conventional MissileEmad a Conventional Missile

Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan says the recently test-fired precision-guided long-range Emad missile is a conventional weapon.“We consider defense as our inalienable and recognized right, and will continue to design, manufacture and put into operation any conventional weapons and equipment needed to defend the country,” Dehqan said on Wednesday. Dehqan’s remarks came a day after a panel of UN experts said in a confidential report that Iran’s firing of the long-range ballistic missile in October violated a UN Security Council resolution, alleging that the missile is capable of delivering nuclear weapons, Press TV reported. However, the minister said, “Our aim of carrying out this test was that we wanted to tell the world that Iran acts based on its national interests and no power anywhere in the world can decide for our nation and country and [Iran] will not accept any restriction on this issue.” Dehqan noted that despite restrictions stipulated in the UN Security Council Resolution 2231 under the terms of a July nuclear deal between Iran and major powers, Tehran will continue to boost its defense capabilities.