Ravanchi Visits Czech Republic, Slovenia

Ravanchi Visits Czech Republic, SloveniaRavanchi Visits Czech Republic, Slovenia

Deputy Foreign Minister for European and American Affairs Majid Takht- Ravanchi has visited the Czech Republic and Slovenia to discuss bilateral ties and Middle East issues.

In his first meeting, Ravanchi exchanged views with his Czech counterpart, Ivo Sramek, in Prague on Tuesday, IRNA reported.

Stressing the importance of Iran-European Union ties, Ravanchi called for elevating the level of cooperation.

Sramek described Iran as a powerful country that can play an effective role in solving Middle East crises.

Considering Iran's huge oil and gas reserves and Europe's need to diversify energy sources, Sramek said the two sides could be good partners.

In a separate meeting on the same day, Ravanchi and Czech Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Tlapa acknowledged the achievements of the two countries' cooperation in the past year, calling for its consolidation.

The two countries agreed to develop political and parliamentary ties, in addition to working in the field of energy, railroad and industrial machinery.

Ravanchi touched upon regional problems, saying terrorism has become a "global threat" that needs to be dealt with through the cooperation of the international community, otherwise problems in the region such as the Syrian crisis would never be solved.

Tlapa said the Syrian conflict has no military solution and the only way forward is to find a political solution, based on the will of the Syrian nation.

Ravanchi also met Czech Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Jan Hamacek and praised the support of Czech Parliament for expansion of ties.

He pointed to the nuclear deal reached between Iran and major world powers last July, saying its implementation, which results in removal of sanctions against Iran, would help promote bilateral economic cooperation.

Hamacek said all effective players should participate in efforts to reach a compromise about solving the Syrian problem, adding that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should be part of the solution.

On Tuesday night, Ravanchi arrived in Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital, to hold talks on issues of mutual interests, including commercial cooperation.

He is scheduled to meet Slovenian Deputy Foreign Minister Zoran Thaler as well as other officials.