Need to Defuse Iraq-Turkey Tension

Need to Defuse Iraq-Turkey TensionNeed to Defuse Iraq-Turkey Tension

Iran’s Ambassador to Iraq Hassan Danaeifar underlined the necessity of defusing the ongoing tension in Iraq-Turkey relations through talks.

According to Al-Zaman news website, during the meeting with former Iraqi prime minister and current leader of Iraqi National Accord party, Ayad Allawi, Danaeifar discussed the latest developments in the region and Iraq as well as ways of fighting terrorism and extremism, Fars News Agency reported.

“The two sides stressed the need for continuing consultations and meetings to establish security and stability in the region without any foreign interference,” a statement issued after the meeting said. They also conferred on the current crisis in relations between Baghdad and Ankara after the deployment of Turkish forces on Iraqi soil and underscored the necessity of resolving the problem through talks and prudence, it added.

On Dec. 4, Turkey deployed hundreds of troops to a camp in northern Iraq’s Bashiqa region, located near Mosul, which is currently controlled by the IS terrorist group.