US Acknowledges Iran's Key Regional Role

US Acknowledges Iran's Key Regional RoleUS Acknowledges Iran's Key Regional Role

A lawmaker said Iran's effective help in fighting terrorist groups and solving regional conflicts has made the US acknowledge its important role in the region.

In an interview with ICANA on Saturday, Behrouz Nemati added that as a regional power, Iran has always condemned terrorist actions.

"Iran seriously fights terrorism and it has paid a high price for it," he said.

Nemati described terrorism as an "international threat", which should be thwarted through the close cooperation of all countries.

In an interview with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman on Wednesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry said Iran has played a special role in the battle against IS.

"They have helped significantly on the border of Iraq and elsewhere with respect to some of the operations," he said.

Kerry also admitted Iran's helpful contribution to the international Syria talks in Vienna, two rounds of which were held in October and November to work out a peace plan that includes a ceasefire in Syria.

"I have to credit Iran for being at that table, being willing to try to be part of a broader anti-IS effort," he said.