Irish Delegations to Pursue Expansion of Ties

Irish Delegations to Pursue Expansion of Ties  Irish Delegations to Pursue Expansion of Ties

Ireland plans to dispatch a number of delegations, including a large economic one, to Iran in pursuit of closer mutual cooperation, the European country's accredited ambassador to Tehran announced.

In a Monday meeting with Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in Tehran, the Irish ambassador, Brendan Ward, said a "big economic delegation" from his country will travel to Iran in January 2016, Tasnim News Agency reported.

Larijani also announced plans for another visit to Iran by an Irish delegation specialized in agriculture.

"The Irish agriculture minister is scheduled to visit Iran soon to hold meetings with Iranian officials to help promote cooperation in the agricultural field," Ward said.

He hoped that Tehran and Dublin would tap into each other's capabilities in diverse fields.

Larijani highlighted the good grounds available in Iran for foreign investment, saying the Irish agricultural and industrial sectors can take advantage of those opportunities.

After the conclusion of diplomatic talks between Iran and major powers on July 14, foreign countries and companies are rushing to restore business ties with the Islamic Republic.

Dubbed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the deal will terminate all nuclear-related sanctions on Iran after it goes into effect.