Rouhani: No Evil worse Than Poverty

Rouhani: No Evil  worse Than Poverty
Rouhani: No Evil  worse Than Poverty

President Hassan Rouhani says there is "no evil greater and worse than unemployment and poverty" in the society.

He made the remarks in a public gathering in the provincial city of Zanjan on Wednesday.

"Let's cooperate to combat poverty, pay attention to people's living (conditions), and create job opportunities for our dear youths, who are graduating from universities," IRNA quoted him as saying.  

Elsewhere, Rouhani pointed to the ongoing negotiations between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany, known as the P5+1, and said, "We are negotiating with the world powers on the basis of constructive cooperation and we have achieved initial gains with taking the first steps last year," referring to a landmark interim deal Iran and the major powers reached last year in Geneva.

He described the nation's support and the Leader's guidance as great sources of encouragement in the talks, adding, "We will continue our constructive interaction with the world and our negotiations to help solve our nation's problems."

The president reiterated, "The great people of Iran should bear in mind that we will never compromise on their rights while doing our best to bring down the curtain on the oppressive sanctions."

The trip to Zanjan was made as part of the president's regular provincial visits which started since he took office last year.

In a meeting with investors and business people in Zanjan on the same day, the president said the government's first step after taking office last year was to make efforts to rein in "uncontrolled" inflation because fluctuations make it difficult for investors to take decisions.

He said the current economic climate is stable and secure, adding the government will resolve problems in the area of foreign policy through holding negotiations with foreign countries.