Need for Broader Tehran-Beirut Engagement

Need for Broader Tehran-Beirut EngagementNeed for Broader Tehran-Beirut Engagement

A senior official says Iran and Lebanon play a leading and influential role in promoting peace in the Middle East, urging the two sides to exchange more visits amid the critical situation in the region. “Relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Lebanon are exemplary in the region and at the international level, and the two countries’ role in striking balance and establishing peace in the region is important, evident and constructive,” Ali Akbar Velayati, a foreign policy advisor to the Leader of Islamic Revolution, said in a joint press conference with Lebanon’s Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil in Beirut on Tuesday. He noted that Iran and Lebanon have longstanding historical relations and are cooperating on the international stage, Press TV reported. Velayati emphasized that the two countries maintain “fully coordinated relations”, particularly on international talks aimed at settling the ongoing crisis in Syria. The Lebanese foreign minister said the fight against terrorism has strengthened mutual interaction. Bassil expressed confidence that international efforts and the strong positions of Iran and Lebanon will lead to their victory against terrorists.