Majlis Promoting Resistance Economy

Majlis Promoting Resistance EconomyMajlis Promoting Resistance Economy

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said the parliament has helped realize the goals of Resistance Economy through strict oversight and effective legislations.

Larijani made the statement in a press conference on Tuesday, IRNA reported.

He said boosting domestic production is one of the principles of Resistance Economy, which the Majlis has paid great attention to, in addition to improving the business environment, facilitating investments and helping people become more involved in the economy.

Resistance Economy is a set of policies aimed at promoting economic self-reliance and weaning the country of heavy dependence on oil revenues.

Larijani said that the bill approved by the Majlis to help the country climb out of recession has carefully considered the principles of Resistance Economy.

The speaker also said errors in the implementation of legislations prevent the establishment of competitive atmosphere in the economic environment.

Asked about the link between Iran's approach to promote foreign investments and Resistance Economy, Larijani said the two policies are not inconsistent and Iran needs investment, especially foreign investment, to stimulate production.

The top lawmaker noted that Iran aims to increase its growth rate to 8% and foreign investments are helpful in achieving this.

"Foreign investments also prepare the ground for domestic export," he said, which is another reason for attracting foreign investments.

On Majlis efforts to fight economic corruption, he said there are no known flaws in law and Majlis has played its part in preparing the necessary regulations.

The speaker said the spread of economic corruption has caused Majlis to seek the establishment of a specialized organization tasked with fighting economic corruption.

Larijani said dealing with corruption is of top importance, because it prevents economic boom and suppresses domestic production.