Europe Criticized for Refugee Mistreatment

Europe Criticized for Refugee MistreatmentEurope Criticized for Refugee Mistreatment

A Foreign Ministry official criticized some European governments for their inappropriate treatment of refugees at their borders, saying the frontline states are required to respect the refugees’ rights. The unnamed official said on Thursday some officers at European borders have meted out “inappropriate treatment” to refugees and asylum seekers, Press TV reported. “Some European border guards’ inappropriate treatment of refugees and asylum seekers seeking entry into these countries does not comply with the recognized principles of refugees’ rights and human rights.” The comments came after images circulated in media showed a number of Iranian refugees sewing their lips in protest at being blocked at the Greece-Macedonia border on November 23, after days of being stranded at the border crossing. The official said a “large number” of Iranian asylum seekers have chosen to return home due to “tough and appalling” conditions in European refugee camps. He added that Iranian consular missions are ready to facilitate their return.