New Opportunities for EU Cooperation

New Opportunities for EU Cooperation
New Opportunities for EU Cooperation

President Hassan Rouhani said Iran, as a major supplier of energy with an ideal geographical position, and Luxembourg, as an important financial and investment center in the European Union, can use numerous opportunities for having mutually beneficial cooperation.

In a meeting with Luxembourg's Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn on Wednesday, Rouhani said the two countries can take major steps toward development of relations, IRNA reported.

"After the nuclear deal [reached between Iran and world major powers last July], new opportunities have been created for cooperation with the European Union and other countries," he said.

Referring to the growth of terrorist attacks across the world, Rouhani said a strong desire is needed to battle terrorism.

"Although terrorism seems to have only security aspects, it has underlying cultural, economic and social causes that should be dealt with," he said.

The president said some western countries do not seem to be keen on confronting the scourge, a reluctance that has resulted from mistaken beliefs.

"They believe that they are able to use terrorism as a bridge to achieve political goals while containing them in a marked area," he said.

"When terrorism spreads and a country become unstable, its consequences such as return of terrorists to their homeland and floods of refugees will affect neighbors and others."

Rouhani stressed that all should be aware of the peril of terrorism and take responsibility for combating violence, terrorism and extremism.

Describing Iran as a major victim of terror that has devoted huge efforts to combat it, he said, "If Iran had not seriously acted against terrorism, we would see powerful terrorist states in the region instead of terrorist groups."

"Iran is ready for engaging in a real fight against terrorism, along with the European Union and other countries," Rouhani said.

Asselborn said there are considerable potential for cooperation between the two countries.

Stressing the need for the successful implementation of the nuclear deal and the lifting of sanctions to clear the path for rapid growth of mutual cooperation, he said the EU is satisfied with the result of the nuclear negotiations and intends to ensure the proper execution of the deal.

Asselborn declared that the fight against terrorism is the duty of all governments and nations, saying that "the Islamic State is the real enemy of the international community … All should unite against terrorism."

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in a press conference with Asselborn on Wednesday, said Iran has huge potentials to be tapped, in terms of cooperation by Luxembourg, as the center of banking and investment by Europe and the world.

"We hope that these talks would lead to broader cooperation in the post-sanctions era," Zarif said.