Electoral Officials to Be Strictly Neutral

Electoral Officials to Be Strictly NeutralElectoral Officials to Be Strictly Neutral

Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said electoral officials showing political persuasions will be confronted.

In an interview with the state TV on Saturday night, Fazli said an election comprises officials, supervisors and people, while candidates and their supporters try to attract votes.

“No government elements can participate in the process, unless they are electoral officials,” he said.

Describing the mechanism of the upcoming elections, the minister said Interior Ministry is the organizer, Guardians Council is tasked with overseeing the elections and the judiciary will deal with any violation.

“Candidates and their representatives would be able to monitor the event until the announcement of the results, so there is no possibility of collusion among electoral officials,” he said. The next Majlis and Assembly of Experts elections are simultaneously scheduled for February 26, 2016.

Secretary of the Election Headquarters Ali Pour-Ali also said on Sunday that the process of holding elections will start on December 11 and the executive committee for the implementation of the elections will hold its first meeting on December 12.

“Candidates may register for the Assembly of Experts elections from December 17 to 23 and for the Majlis from December 19 to 25,” he said.

In one-third of the polling stations, for the first time, ballot boxes will be replaced by electronic voting machines, which would reduce the time required for announcing the results to a few hours from several days in the previous Majlis elections.