Destabilization Attempts Foiled

Destabilization Attempts FoiledDestabilization Attempts Foiled

A top general says security forces have managed to foil all attempts by enemies for destabilizing the country.

Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said on Friday enemies sought to create instability in Iran like the recent deadly terrorist attacks in France but they failed.

“Enemies made great efforts to make our country insecure as well, but all such plots have been thwarted thanks to the strength and efforts of our security forces,” Press TV quoted Jafari as saying.

At least 130 people were killed and 351 others injured when assailants linked to the so-called Islamic State militant group struck at least six venues in and around the French capital Paris on Nov. 13.

The IRGC chief said enemies intend to target the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic but they have realized that they cannot use the language of force against Iranians.

“They admit that the Islamic Iran is currently a regional power,” he said.