US Insists on Iran's Involvement in Syria Talks

US Insists on Iran's Involvement in Syria TalksUS Insists on Iran's Involvement in Syria Talks

A senior lawmaker said the US insists on the participation of Iran in the international talks, the next round of which is scheduled for December.

In an interview with the Lebanese daily Al Akhbar, released on Wednesday, Chairman of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi said the only side opposing Iranian involvement in the talks is Saudi Arabia, whose "screams" do not attract attention, IRNA reported.

On the role of Iran in the past two rounds of the talks, held on October 30 and November 14, he said it managed to convince other participants of the Syrian nation's right to decide on the destiny, system and president of Syria, which were included in the final statement of the talks.

"The West is facing a paradox about Syria. On the one hand, it wants to go along with his allies in the region such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar [who are accused of helping terrorists]; while on the other hand, it is worried about the spread of terrorism."

Pointing to last Friday's Paris terrorist attacks in which at least 129 people were killed, which French President Francois Hollande said was an "act of war" organized by the so-called Islamic State militant group, Boroujerdi believed this incident has left no choice for the western states but to fight terrorism "seriously".

  Reaction to JCPOA Violations

Asked about the process of implementing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the official title of the nuclear deal reached between Iran and world powers last July), he said measures are being carried out as scheduled, while the two sides have approved the agreement and are waiting for the Implementation Day.

Boroujerdi noted that if the deal is implemented, it will benefit all, but if they disrupt the implementation of the pact, "we will return to the point where we were [before the beginning of the nuclear negotiations].

"In the Majlis, we have approved a nine-article bill that requires the government to complete all projects in the nuclear facilities, if the other side violates the agreement."

The lawmaker said the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has also issued directives on JCPOA, which will prevent any possible abuses.

In a letter to President Hassan Rouhani on October 21, the Leader stressed that Iran's action to comply with measures agreed under the nuclear deal hinges on the conclusion of the UN nuclear agency's consideration of Tehran's nuclear past.

"In the case of western violations, there will be no more consensus among P5+1 (consisting of the US, Britain, France, Russia and China, plus Germany)," he said.

"They need help in the fight against terrorism and know that Iran is fighting it strongly."

The Supreme National Security Council is tasked with the establishment of a committee to oversee the implementation of the nuclear accord.