IS-Linked Terror Cells Dismantled

IS-Linked Terror Cells Dismantled IS-Linked Terror Cells Dismantled

Intelligence and security forces have recently dismantled 10 cells affiliated with the so-called Islamic State militant group, which were preparing to stage terrorist attacks across the country, Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi disclosed on Monday.

"IS is a protégé of the US and Israel," Alavi said, adding that thanks to its vigilance and full intelligence superiority, Iran has blocked any move by them in such a way that 10 terrorist cells were discovered and dismantled in the lunar month of Muharram (started Oct. 15).

The minister, who was addressing Muslim scholars in the western province of Kurdestan, reiterated that the prevailing security in the country is the result of cooperation among security, intelligence and military institutions as well as the judiciary, Fars News Agency reported.

He stressed that the readiness of intelligence forces has prevented terrorist acts.

"While you see many blasts in other countries, Iran's unparalleled security has resulted in upgrading our world status; this is despite the serious threats posed to the establishment," he said.

Alavi noted that intelligence and security services will stand against anyone who intends to harm national security.

"Security forces will confront any group that threatens Iran's security," he said.

Earlier in the day, Alavi underlined that his ministry is vigilantly keeping an eye on every move of enemies and is fully prepared to defuse and repel any type of threat.

"The intelligence apparatus is fully aware of the intention of those who are looking for sound economic, scientific and research activities in the country and those who are seeking other goals," Alavi said in an address to a meeting of Kurdestan Administrative Council.

"Coordination among intelligence, security, military and judicial bodies will not allow the enemy to carry out terrorist acts in Iran."