Terror Threats Demand Alertness

Terror Threats Demand AlertnessTerror Threats Demand Alertness

Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi says recent terrorist attacks in France and Lebanon serve as a warning to Iran and security officials need to be on alert to deal with any possible terror acts.

“Recent blasts are a serious warning to us too and warrant expert attention,” he was quoted as saying by Press TV on Sunday.

A series of coordinated armed attacks and explosions hit Paris on Friday, killing at least 129 people.

On Nov. 12, 44 people were killed and about 240 others sustained injuries when two large explosions rocked a security post in a southern suburb of Beirut.

The so-called Islamic State militant group, which has overrun large parts of Iraq and Syria, claimed the terror strikes in both cities.

The minister referred to “foreign infiltration” and “Takfiri terrorists” as the most important threats to the country.

A Takfiri accuses followers of some Islamic sects of heresy.

“The main priorities of the Intelligence Ministry are provision of security and confronting the Takfiri movement,” Alavi said.