Unified Approach Needed to Eliminate Terrorists

Unified Approach Needed to Eliminate TerroristsUnified Approach Needed to Eliminate Terrorists

Unified approach, firm determination, national will and international coordination are required to defeat terrorism, said the first vice president.

Describing terrorist attacks as "harsh, disturbing and disgusting", Es'haq Jahangiri said terrorism has endangered global peace and security, IRNA reported on Sunday.

About 130 people were killed and roughly 350 injured, nearly 100 of whom are in critical condition, after assailants struck at least six venues in and around the French capital late on Friday.

Referring to the reaction of some countries toward the terrorist attacks from around the world, he said, "Innocent people fall victim to terrorism be it in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon or France."

In another terrorist attack on Thursday, 44 people were killed and nearly 240 others were injured when two large explosions rocked a security post in a southern suburb of the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

The IS has claimed both the deadly assaults in Lebanon and France.

"When tens of people get killed in Lebanon, Iraq and Syria, not many loud voices can be heard condemning the attacks, but when a similar incident happens somewhere else, strong reactions can be seen," Jahangiri said, possibly referring to weak responses to the Beirut attacks, in comparison with the Paris attacks. The vice president stressed that wherever they happen, such incidents should trouble consciences and get people to find a solution.

Jahangiri said the first and most important step to battle extremism and terrorism is to fight the underlying thoughts, in which the scholars and intellectuals play a significant role. "The next level of the fight is to deal with those who organize, finance and equip these groups with arms," he said.

"It cannot be said that the Islamic State group came into being and continues to exist on its own. Definitely, some countries are involved in the creation and survival of the group."

  Warnings Ignored

Head of the Expediency Council Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani condemned the recent terrorist attacks around the world, saying that the threat posed by the growth of extremism across the world is considerable.

"We have repeatedly pointed that a coherent global determination to fight terrorism is needed," he said. Noting that Iran itself is a major victim of terrorism, Rafsanjani said if Iran's principled positions on terrorism were taken into consideration, the scourge may not have reached the current proportions.

  Sins of the Past

Head of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi believes that as a considerable number of French people have joined the IS, Paris attacks is not surprising.

"There have always been concerns that these groups may carry out international operations," he said, adding that the attacks should be a wakeup call for the world.

The senior lawmaker said these are the result of western support for the so-called "moderate opposition groups" in Syria.

"It is clear that there is no boundary between the militants in Syria," he said. "The West trains and equips the Free Syrian Army forces and then the IS and Al-Nusra recruit them."

Boroujerdi stressed the need for France and other western countries that have supported terrorists for years to stop what they are doing, otherwise they should expect more such incidents.