Elections a Showcase of Nat’l Power

Elections a Showcase of Nat’l PowerElections a Showcase of Nat’l Power

Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said the upcoming elections of Majlis and the Assembly of Experts should be a showcase for the unity and solidarity among people, which is the source of Iran's power.

Speaking at a press conference in the Elections Headquarters on Saturday, Fazli said the elections, scheduled to be held concurrently on Feb. 26, should be held in a peaceful, secure and dignified manner, with the help of political parties, candidates, Guardians Council, judiciary and people, IRNA reported.

The minister added that transfer of power in Iran has been conducted through votes, which is a cause of mutual trust between the people and the system, resulting in security.

"The demand of people is to improve integrity among officials and to hold a clean election, which is the responsibility of the Interior Ministry," he said.

Fazli noted that the candidates should not seek revenge, trigger conflicts and deepen discord, which harm the efforts to hold a fair election.

Also at the same conference, Secretary of the Election Headquarters Ali Pour-Ali said all measures have been taken to hold healthy elections.

Pour-Ali noted that by now, the headquarters has held 13 meetings in which 209 ratifications have been passed to prepare the ground for elections.

"The preparations are proceeding according to the formal schedule," he added.

On the sidelines of the conference, the commemorative stamp of the 10th Majlis and fifth Assembly of Experts elections was unveiled.

Candidates may register for the Assembly of Experts elections on November 17 and for the Majlis on November 19.

In one-third of the polling stations, for the first time, ballot boxes will be replaced by electronic voting machines.