Zarif: US Should Gain Iranians’ Trust

Zarif: US Should Gain Iranians’ TrustZarif: US Should Gain Iranians’ Trust

Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said the future of Iran-US ties depends on the implementation of the nuclear deal reached between Iran and world major powers in July 14.

In an interview with the Lebanese daily, As-Safir, published on Saturday, Zarif said the US should gain the trust of Iranians through the full implementation of the deal, although it seems they are still under the domination of Zionists, IRNA reported.

Israeli officials have repeatedly declared their opposition to the nuclear deal, while they are widely known to be against any rapprochement between Iran and the US. The foreign minister said Iranian-American negotiations were limited to the nuclear program and Iran does not seek to solve regional problems through talks with the US.

"Although Americans were ready to talk about regional cases, we were not willing for it, because of two reasons.

"Firstly, we don't trust Americans. Because of providing support to the Zionist regime, we think they are not serious about solving regional crises.

"Secondly, we would like to try solving regional problems through the contribution of regional states, because we think the region's issues should be solved by the region's countries."

Zarif also censured the US for exacerbating the regional difficulties.

"We think the US has some wrong policies that have caused the growth of terrorism and radicalism in the region, as well as the continuation of the Zionist crimes in the region," he said, adding that Americans have no choice but to change their positions, sooner or later.

On relations with the European countries, Zarif said Europe is Iran's main trade partner and there are wide-ranging political relations between the two sides, although there are some differences, too.

"We feel that Europeans are keen on economic cooperation and collaboration over regional issues. We are ready to cooperate with them on the basis of our principles," he said.