Canada Ready for Reengagement

Canada Ready for ReengagementCanada Ready for Reengagement

Stephane Dion, foreign minister of the new Liberal government in Canada, said his country will be more constructive in its diplomatic dealings with Iran.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau first promised in June that a Liberal government would reengage with Iran.

In an interview with the Ottawa Citizen newspaper on Wednesday, Dion said that remains the plan.

“Not because we agree with this [government]… But it’s the approach of the other G7 countries.”

Dion said the Cabinet has not discussed exactly how reengagement will occur, adding that the government will approach Iran “with a lot of cautiousness”.

“But the bottom line is we need to engage much more than before, even with the [governments] that we have difficulty with.”

A key part of the previous Conservative government’s approach to international affairs was to take a hard stand against perceived foes. That included severing diplomatic relations with Iran in September 2012.