Zarif Meets Senior Clerics

Zarif Meets Senior ClericsZarif Meets Senior Clerics

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif briefed a number of senior clerics in the holy city of Qom on the latest developments in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

On the sidelines of the meetings held on Thursday, Zarif told reporters there is no military solution to the ongoing crises in the Middle East, Press TV reported.

“The current crises have no military solution. We should be able to help bring an end to war and conflicts between Muslims,” he said.

Zarif said foreign governments should stop meddling in the internal affairs of regional states, noting that foreign interference is the root cause of regional crises.

The top diplomat criticized some governments for adopting double standards toward terrorism and extremism in the Middle East.

“The people in the region should decide the future of their own countries,” he said.

Zarif noted that Qom, where Iran’s top religious authorities are based, could be instrumental in promoting correct Islamic teachings in the fight against extremism.