West’s Syria Policy Has Failed

West’s Syria Policy Has Failed  West’s Syria Policy Has Failed

The Syrian Army's recent military gains against militants indicate the failure of the policies of the West and its regional allies, especially Turkey and Saudi Arabia, regarding Syria.

Addressing a conference in Tehran, Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Brigadier General Hossein Salami said on Monday the policies of the US, Europe, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been buried in Syria, Fars News Agency reported.

He said Europe and the US have been behind most tragic incidents in Muslim countries throughout history.

"They helped dictators to rule over Muslim nations and also imposed the Israeli regime on the region," he said.

Salami reaffirmed Iran's support for the "oppressed" Muslim nations across the world and said the policy of resistance is evident all across the occupied Palestinian territories. In related remarks last week, IRGC Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari reiterated that Tehran will continue support for Syria, especially President Bashar al-Assad, as he believes in resistance against the US and Israel.

"President Assad wholeheartedly believes in the resistance front and standing up against the global arrogance and the West. We do not know anyone else to replace him," Jafari said.

He underlined that Syria's resistance relies on Assad and said, "It is for the same reason that the enemy urges us to compromise Assad and win everything else that we want in return."

The IRGC chief stressed that no one can deny that the Syrian resistance depends on Assad.

Jafari pointed to Iran's support for the Syrian nation and government in their fight against terrorism and said, "We will utilize all our capabilities to provide military advice to the Syrian government."

On Oct. 17, Jafari announced that 100,000 popular forces have been prepared in Syria to fight terrorist groups.