Extremists Not a Playing Card

Extremists Not a Playing CardExtremists Not a Playing Card

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said some Middle East states consider extremists as a playing card and not a very dangerous phenomenon.

Unless they understand that this is not something to play with, regional support for terrorists is expected to continue, IRNA reported Zarif as saying on Monday.

"Wrong policies adopted by some regional countries have caused unbound sectarianism to become a grave threat to the whole world."

The top diplomat added that extremism, whose considerable growth should be of top concern, has convinced some young people of the region and the world to blow themselves up to kill innocent civilians, which is unjustifiable.

Speaking about JCPOA, as the nuclear deal reached between Iran and world powers last July is formally called, Zarif said Iran should take advantage of the opportunities created after the deal.

"If Iranians don't take the initiative in the international arena and instead engages in domestic disputes over the deal, which only serves Iran's enemies, they will face serious consequences, he said.

Responding to those who oppose the nuclear deal because they think it is in favor of the West, Zarif said JCPOA should be evaluated according to the situation prevailing during the nuclear negotiations.

"If you try to assess the deal without considering the realities of the situation in Iran, which was under sanctions, you may evaluate it as very bad, but if you consider the situation too, it may be very good," Zarif said.

"Whether evaluating the deal as good or bad, getting involved in useless debates over it will only lead to loss of opportunities, to the detriment of Iran's interest."