Bahraini Allegations “Baseless”

Bahraini Allegations “Baseless”Bahraini Allegations “Baseless”

An informed source in the Iranian Foreign Ministry rejected the Bahraini allegation that Iran has been conspiring to carry out attacks inside Bahrain as “baseless”. Repetitive scenarios played out by Bahraini officials to put the blame on Iran for their mistakes have lost effect, ISNA reported the source as saying on Saturday.

On Wednesday, Bahrain’s Interior Ministry claimed it had arrested 47 members of a group with ties to “terror elements in Iran” and was also plotting attacks. On Thursday, Bahrain’s Public Prosecutor said five Bahrainis were convicted of cooperation with Iran to organize attacks inside Bahrain, sentenced to life imprisonment and stripped of their citizenship.

“Once again, we recommend the Bahraini officials to stop giving divisionary statements and shifting the blame to others, and to pay attention to their internal problems,” the Iranian source said.

The Bahraini officials have said the five communicated with members of Iran’s military forces with the aim of carrying out attacks on banks and public buildings. Iran has always said that the underlying causes of unrests in Bahrain can be settled through Bahraini-Bahraini talks, which the government should prepare the ground for, the source said.

Since 2011, Bahrain has faced protests in which Shias, who are in a majority, have demanded political reforms, but the government always rejects the idea.